T he first snow of winter has finally appeared. It isn’t much and won’t last long but it was wonderful to wake up to my world, all of its blemishes and imperfections covered in a blanket of white. How lovely it looks.

Okay, I just took down the Christmas tree… I know, I know, but I only got it put up on Christmas Eve and I wanted to enjoy it a bit longer. Anyway, in doing so, I managed to jam a sliver into my fingertip which was extremely painful. Luckily, in the process of fixing dinner I accidentally splashed hot grease on said fingertip and the pain of that completely obliterated the pain of the sliver! Now, I have to go finish dinner which will involve using a knife and, if history is any indication, the pain of the hot grease burn will soon be forgotten in the process of slicing my fingertip. Sadly, in the injury department, things never seem to get any better. Dinner, however will be delicious.

There is supposed to be more snow overnight. I think I will take time to play in it tomorrow morning before I leave for work. That would be a perfect beginning for the new week as I now will be working ten hour days now that tax season is here once more.