y website was down for a week but I’m okay with that, because my hosting company had more important things to deal with, like the safety of their families. They are based in Houston. Need I say more?

Hurricane Harvey first hit Texas nearly a week ago and the continued devastation of Houston and the surrounding areas has been horrible to watch. As always, when a catastrophe happens, the American spirit of humanitarianism makes its way to the forefront.

It gives me an enormous sense of gratitude that we as a nation will still drop all the nonessential drama, and focus on giving and helping and praying when our neighbors are in need.

This video showcases some of the rescue efforts that have taken place day and night since the flooding began. All these amazing people have worked tirelessly to save lives without thought to their own safety and comfort. Without them, the death toll would have been much higher.

If you would like to donate to those in need, this organization gives 100% of all funds received to Hurricane Harvey victims. CantorRelief.org Donate Now

My prayers go out to the flood victims and my thanks to those that continue to give aid and rescue. God Bless!