Now Where Was I?

It’s Snowing!


T he first snow of winter has finally appeared. It isn’t much and won’t last long but it was wonderful to wake up to my world, all of its blemishes and imperfections covered in a blanket of white. How lovely it looks.

Okay, I just took down the Christmas tree… I know, I know, but I only got it put up on Christmas Eve and I wanted to enjoy it a bit longer. Anyway, in doing so, I managed to jam a sliver into my fingertip which was extremely painful. Luckily, in the process of fixing dinner I accidentally splashed hot grease on said fingertip and the pain of that completely obliterated the pain of the sliver! Now, I have to go finish dinner which will involve using a knife and, if history is any indication, the pain of the hot grease burn will soon be forgotten in the process of slicing my fingertip. Sadly, in the injury department, things never seem to get any better. Dinner, however will be delicious.

There is supposed to be more snow overnight. I think I will take time to play in it tomorrow morning before I leave for work. That would be a perfect beginning for the new week as I now will be working ten hour days now that tax season is here once more.

Wearing My Mom Genes


As I get older it amazes me how much I am looking like my mom at this age. I grew up looking much more like my dad so I still get a shock when I walk past a mirror and get a glimpse of “mom” in it. I’ve begun to resemble her not only in looks but often in the way I find myself using her expressions ( Oh, for crying out in the bucket!… What in the Sam Hill!… My stars and garters!… etc.)

I was blessed to have grown up in a much simpler, less scary world than my children. We played records and used rotary dial phones. We watched (very little) black and white TV and witnessed the first moon landing in amazement. I took for granted a lot of freedoms that they never experienced such as riding bikes alone all across town with no helmet and no fear of danger. We never had a car with seat-belts for years. We walked, played, explored, wandered to our hearts content and as long as we showed up at home for meals we were okay. ( Other than the time when I was four and two of my brother were supposed to walk me to the library and instead let me wander off. I was lost for hours and the police were called.) My children luckily grew up with several acres of land of our own to play on, but other than that, they were supervised always everywhere else. The pervasive evil of society had already encroached upon our lives in the form of the abduction and murder of two young girls only a few miles away from our home. Drug awareness and stranger abduction classes were taught in elementary school. The internet arose as a wonderful form of bringing the world into your home… and the potential of pedophiles disguised as kids, luring children out of it.

I lost my mom and my dad in 1999 and a day does not go by that I do not think of them. I still miss them terribly. I am thankful, however, that they did not live to see some of the worst ways our lives have been changed. They didn’t get to live through the turn of the new century as I had hoped, but they never had to experience the horror of 911 and the life altering results of that unprovoked attack on US soil. They were also spared the sorrow of losing my brother at the age of fifty-seven due to an undiagnosed heart condition. I don’t think they could have stood that.

But, as I stand here, wearing my mom’s face and unfortunately, her overweight body ( sorry, Mom) I realize that my life is not only my own but a legacy of my parents that I will pass down to my children and they to theirs. So I proudly wear my Mom genes and treasure the memories.

Here’s To Your Health


watched a documentary over the holidays called, Fat Sick & Nearly Dead. It was about an Australian man who was obese, exhausted and had a rare autoimmune disease that made his life miserable. He decides to go on an organic juice fast which works so wonderfully for him that he travels across the US with his juicer and spreads the word to whoever he meets along the way. His huge weight loss and renewed health is amazing as well as a wonderful segment about a depressed, morbidly obese truck driver who happened to share the same auto-immune problem. He was well on his way to an early demise and his transformation is inspiring and heartwarming.
So, I dragged out a juicer that I own but had never used, bought a bunch of organic fruits and vegetables and made an amazing juice out of kale, celery, spinach, tomato, pea pods, beets, green apple and ginger. I loved it and my daughter loved it. I didn’t intend on doing the juice fast, I just thought if I incorporated it into my daily diet and ate more healthily that it would make me feel better and it really has.
My husband was away on a trip so when he got back, I made him the juice. I warned him that it has a detoxifying effect in the beginning which is the point of doing it. He took a sip and announced that it tasted horrible but he still finally drank it. ( It actually tastes wonderful by the way) Then he claimed it was making him sick and caused him to have to go to the bathroom constantly and how was he ever going to be able to work that day. What was I trying to do to him and never, ever give him that juice again! All day at work I had to imagine his wrath at this dastardly concoction I had inflicted on him. What I had imagined was a loving concern for his health was, in his eyes, attempted homicide.
Then, that evening when I got home from work… he tells me how good it finally made him feel and how much more energy he had and would I make him another glass of that wonderful juice leaving me torn between prolonging his life or ending it prematurely… the way he is mine!
Ah well.



by Dark Dwarf under CC BY-ND   


Well, it was a wonderful Christmas. We went to the candlelight service at church on Christmas Eve, then went home and decorated the tree. One of my daughters was in California with her boyfriend’s family, but everyone else plus a good friend was able to celebrate at our house. We had good food, good company and a new fun and goofy game to play. It is called Quelf and we had a ton of laughs playing it. Unfortunately, some rather embarrassing pictures of me ended up on Facebook (Thanks, Jodie!) as a result but it was worth it for the fun we had.

I decided to end 2010 with my usual finesse. On New Year’s Eve morning, before I got dressed or even had a cup of coffee, I decided to get all the bags of Christmas wrappings out of the house to have a tidy start to the new year. I carried a bunch of bags out, shutting the door behind me. When I tried to get back into the house…the door was locked! I have one of those stupid doorknobs that I hate because while they freely turn on the inside, they are actually locked on the outside.
Now I am locked outside in the cold with pajamas, sandals and no socks, uncombed hair, no contacts and no way in. Luckily I had for once put on a coat because I had no bra on either. ( Hey, I live on five secluded acres. Who’s going to see me?)
Okay, this is bad. I circle the house twice looking for a way in. Nope, locked up like Fort Knox. Now, I have to go to the bathroom and my bare feet are frozen. My cell phone is also locked in the house.

With no other options available, I hike down to my neighbor’s house. She is the only neighbor I would ever allow to see me in that condition. If she wasn’t home my chances of survival would be zero. She opened her door and let me into her nice warm house. “When will Michael (my husband) be home?”, she asked. “Tuesday”, I replied. Yes, I planned this disaster very well.
so, I had to call my youngest daughter who thought she had a key to my house. She was not excited to drive all the way out here saying that I live so far away. I reminded her that I am where I have always been,she is the one who moved far away! I also reminded her that giving birth to her was no picnic and should entitle me to one rescue.
It took awhile because she will not leave the house without makeup… but she and her husband and dog all showed up and let me into my house. They stayed and visited also which I enjoyed very much.

Today is the first day of 2012. Happy New Year!

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