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Tremendous Talent, Tremendous Loss


mentioned before how this season’s America’s Got Talent auditions are bringing me to tears and especially so this week.

Brandon Rogers, a 29 year old, well respected doctor and well loved young man appeared posthumously on the show. He was taken too young in a car accident in which he was a passenger.

His family had requested that his audition be aired as a tribute to his life and his talent. My heart and my prayers go out to his family, his friends and his patients, all who are left with a deep void in their lives.

This video showcases his likeability, his compassion and his breathtaking vocal gift. I am so grateful to Brandon’s family, who in the midst of their tremendous grief, allowed us to view a brief glimpse of the life of this remarkable man.

Truly Inspirational


began watching America’s Got Talent again this season and I have found myself in tears every episode. I have been so deeply moved by the 12 year old ventriloquist whose parents bought her a puppet to help with her extreme shyness, the severely burned plane crash survivor with the amazing voice, the tiny nine year old girl with the enormous voice, who would not have lived without the donation of her mother’s kidney, the musician that went completely deaf at age eighteen and decided that would not define her life and has decided to continue following her dream of a music career, the fifteen year old magician who lost his father but keeps his memory alive through their shared love of magic, the comedian who at one point was living in a car with his family, the twelve year old boy that told a story through dance that mesmorized me, the list goes on and the auditions are not even over yet.

Every life has a story and the stories behind these performances have been exceptional.With so much that is wrong in our world right now, it feels so wonderful to be able to put on this show, put my problems on the back burner, and experience the whole range of emotions that this group of insanely talented fellow human beings (and sometimes animals) evoke. I feel happy, excited, dumbfounded, amazed, shocked and blessed as I watch. It is a wonderful show. I highly recommend it.

It Must be Summer


My how time flies! It is June of 2017 and Father’s Day is tomorrow. We are planning a barbecue with family and friends and amazingly the weather is supposed to be hot and dry. Hard to imagine after the deluge of rain of yesterday. we have had some record rainfall here in Oregon this year but that’s what makes it so green and beautiful.

I am excited to see all of the kids tomorrow. It won’t be long until our daughter Erin will be headed down to California for a year long internship, one of the last steps before she earns her doctorate in psychology. We are so proud of her, but it will be hard to have her gone for so long. It will be a difficult separation for Erin and her husband as well since she is newly married. I forsee many quick trips back and forth in their future.

For now, all three girls live in Oregon, the twins, Erin and Julie and their husbands live about an hour away. Our youngest, Amy is only about twenty minutes away but when they are grown and have their own lives, we don’t see them enough so these family get togethers are very special times.

I am hoping for at least some hot weather. I already purchased beach chairs in anticipation of some sunny days at the coast. I think it will be a wonderful summer no matter what the weather and Father’s Day is just the beginning. Here’s wishing all you dads a wonderful celebration tomorrow. To my Daddy, I miss you. I love you. Happy Father’s Day!

An Enchanted Birthday


ell, I had the most wonderful birthday yesterday. For the first time in a number of years I had all three of my daughters with me and we all went to Enchanted Forest. Yes, I know you may think it is an odd place for a 56 year old woman and her grown daughters to spend the day but we had an absolute blast all day long. We went on rides, walked through all the nursery rhyme trails, the Indian Caves, the glorious water show, the Haunted Mansion, Western Town, went down all the slides…so much fun. Who says you have to grow up?
If you have never been to Enchanted Forest in Turner, Oregon you are really missing a treat. It was built by a local man and his family for the love of children and there is really nothing else like it.

I really wanted it to be a fun time because the last time I went there for my birthday, two years ago, we got back and found out that my brother had suddenly passed away that day. I wanted to be able to remember my brother and celebrate my birthday without the pain and sadness that has been present the last two years. I am happy to say that it seems to have been a success and I know that would have made my brother happy as well.
If you would like, you can read my tribute to my brother and my parents here Journey Through Grief and perhaps follow the link to light a candle in memory of a loved one. Treasure the memories and remember the love they they brought to your life.
And, as I did, have a spectacular day!

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