began watching America’s Got Talent again this season and I have found myself in tears every episode. I have been so deeply moved by the 12 year old ventriloquist whose parents bought her a puppet to help with her extreme shyness, the severely burned plane crash survivor with the amazing voice, the tiny nine year old girl with the enormous voice, who would not have lived without the donation of her mother’s kidney, the musician that went completely deaf at age eighteen and decided that would not define her life and has decided to continue following her dream of a music career, the fifteen year old magician who lost his father but keeps his memory alive through their shared love of magic, the comedian who at one point was living in a car with his family, the twelve year old boy that told a story through dance that mesmorized me, the list goes on and the auditions are not even over yet.

Every life has a story and the stories behind these performances have been exceptional.With so much that is wrong in our world right now, it feels so wonderful to be able to put on this show, put my problems on the back burner, and experience the whole range of emotions that this group of insanely talented fellow human beings (and sometimes animals) evoke. I feel happy, excited, dumbfounded, amazed, shocked and blessed as I watch. It is a wonderful show. I highly recommend it.