watched a documentary over the holidays called, Fat Sick & Nearly Dead. It was about an Australian man who was obese, exhausted and had a rare autoimmune disease that made his life miserable. He decides to go on an organic juice fast which works so wonderfully for him that he travels across the US with his juicer and spreads the word to whoever he meets along the way. His huge weight loss and renewed health is amazing as well as a wonderful segment about a depressed, morbidly obese truck driver who happened to share the same auto-immune problem. He was well on his way to an early demise and his transformation is inspiring and heartwarming.
So, I dragged out a juicer that I own but had never used, bought a bunch of organic fruits and vegetables and made an amazing juice out of kale, celery, spinach, tomato, pea pods, beets, green apple and ginger. I loved it and my daughter loved it. I didn’t intend on doing the juice fast, I just thought if I incorporated it into my daily diet and ate more healthily that it would make me feel better and it really has.
My husband was away on a trip so when he got back, I made him the juice. I warned him that it has a detoxifying effect in the beginning which is the point of doing it. He took a sip and announced that it tasted horrible but he still finally drank it. ( It actually tastes wonderful by the way) Then he claimed it was making him sick and caused him to have to go to the bathroom constantly and how was he ever going to be able to work that day. What was I trying to do to him and never, ever give him that juice again! All day at work I had to imagine his wrath at this dastardly concoction I had inflicted on him. What I had imagined was a loving concern for his health was, in his eyes, attempted homicide.
Then, that evening when I got home from work… he tells me how good it finally made him feel and how much more energy he had and would I make him another glass of that wonderful juice leaving me torn between prolonging his life or ending it prematurely… the way he is mine!
Ah well.