by Dark Dwarf under CC BY-ND   


Well, it was a wonderful Christmas. We went to the candlelight service at church on Christmas Eve, then went home and decorated the tree. One of my daughters was in California with her boyfriend’s family, but everyone else plus a good friend was able to celebrate at our house. We had good food, good company and a new fun and goofy game to play. It is called Quelf and we had a ton of laughs playing it. Unfortunately, some rather embarrassing pictures of me ended up on Facebook (Thanks, Jodie!) as a result but it was worth it for the fun we had.

I decided to end 2010 with my usual finesse. On New Year’s Eve morning, before I got dressed or even had a cup of coffee, I decided to get all the bags of Christmas wrappings out of the house to have a tidy start to the new year. I carried a bunch of bags out, shutting the door behind me. When I tried to get back into the house…the door was locked! I have one of those stupid doorknobs that I hate because while they freely turn on the inside, they are actually locked on the outside.
Now I am locked outside in the cold with pajamas, sandals and no socks, uncombed hair, no contacts and no way in. Luckily I had for once put on a coat because I had no bra on either. ( Hey, I live on five secluded acres. Who’s going to see me?)
Okay, this is bad. I circle the house twice looking for a way in. Nope, locked up like Fort Knox. Now, I have to go to the bathroom and my bare feet are frozen. My cell phone is also locked in the house.

With no other options available, I hike down to my neighbor’s house. She is the only neighbor I would ever allow to see me in that condition. If she wasn’t home my chances of survival would be zero. She opened her door and let me into her nice warm house. “When will Michael (my husband) be home?”, she asked. “Tuesday”, I replied. Yes, I planned this disaster very well.
so, I had to call my youngest daughter who thought she had a key to my house. She was not excited to drive all the way out here saying that I live so far away. I reminded her that I am where I have always been,she is the one who moved far away! I also reminded her that giving birth to her was no picnic and should entitle me to one rescue.
It took awhile because she will not leave the house without makeup… but she and her husband and dog all showed up and let me into my house. They stayed and visited also which I enjoyed very much.

Today is the first day of 2012. Happy New Year!