by exfordy under CC BY 


May we just establish once and for all that I should not have been born a girl? As far as I know, girls can do hair. Not only can I not do hair, God in his infinite wisdom and warped sense of humor, gave me three daughters. I apologize to this day for the school pictures and am happy that they all miraculously grew up with the ability to fix their own hair beautifully.

Today, I attempted a simple hair spray procedure on my own hair. Getting to this point involved washing and blow-drying my hair. I style my naturally wavy hair by leaning over and blowing it straight up towards the top of my head. Then I quickly stand up, let the nearly dry wisps settle and frantically spray them into place on their way down in the hopes that I can sort of crumple them and they will dry in a stylish fashion. Sometimes it works. So, I closed my eyes and sprayed all over. I managed to completely miss my head but my arm hair, that’s not moving anytime soon. The bathroom mirror has a solid misting also. The back of my hand is thoroughly sprayed. I truly believe that the only thing that totally missed the hairspray attempt… was my hair. I rest my case.

It is a balmy 25 degrees at my house today so another good day to stay in a finish my baking. I’ll make my baked gift deliveries this afternoon and hopefully tonight, finally get my tree up. It’s starting to feel a lot like Christmas.