Jjust have to share this most uplifting video. It started my day out with the pure joy of Christmas.

My plan for the day is to begin my traditional homemade gifts of apricot bread and fudge, both of which, if not made and given out as usual will cause civil unrest and a rift in the structure of the universe… or so I have been informed.

I love the apricot bread because I have wonderful memories of my mom baking it every Christmas. The Messiah would always be playing on the record player in the background as the annual creation of the bread began. Mom would wash and save every can of every size that she had used in the past few months and they became little cylindrical apricot bread pans. When they were baked, she would wrap them in red cellophane, tie it with ribbon and we would deliver them to neighbors, friends and family.

Then she and I would slice a loaf, spread the slices with cream cheese and have a little tea party with Constant Comment tea. Of course, the Messiah again playing in the background. I miss you, Mom. Thank you for the sweet memories.