by Andi Licious under CC BY   


The weather has been very cold lately. In the past that would have bothered me but I find 35 degrees to be perfect hot flash weather. Besides, it’s Christmas time for Pete’s sake. It needs to be cold and wintry for me to get in the spirit. A little snow wouldn’t hurt either.

We have a tree but it is still on the front porch waiting for someone (who shall be nameless) to get his saw out and cut the bottom level so it can be put in the stand. I would attempt it myself but I am extremely accident prone.

Cases in point- I have a permanent dent in my forehead from tripping over the vacuum cleaner, becoming airborne and slamming my head into the doorjamb. The scar healed nicely but the dent remains.
I pulled a freshly laundered shirt off a hanger which for some reason caused the hanger to spring forward and jab me in the eye, nearly putting my eye out in the process.
Trying to carry the vacuum cleaner down a flight of stairs resulted in slipping and tumbling with the vacuum cleaner bouncing on me repeatedly all the way down. I could go on but I’m sure you have reached the same conclusion. Yes, housework is hazardous and should be avoided at all cost.

My youngest daughter came over and we baked Christmas cookies. We made three kinds, sugar, spritz and gingerbread boys and decorated them. It took all day! Did making cookies always take this long? Anyway, it was fun and I always enjoy spending time with my girl… until she got bored and made an anatomically correct gingerbread girl. Then it was time for her to go home. I love having grown and married daughters.

Well, my coffee cup is empty. On with the day.